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30 October 2020 @ 08:57 am

Hi, this is Kyena~ Or the username said, Takara-hoshi. But~ I like it more if people call me Kyena!
So, this is a personal journal of  the writer under the community of tnmonogatari!
For those who were only interested in my fics, you can move to that community and join.. Oh, it is not necessary though cause it is a public community~ For those who really want to be my friend, please click the add them as friend there! 

I don't know if it is obvious, but I'm a huge fan of Arashi! and I'm forever E.L.F~ and If it's not obvious as well~ I'm a die-hard fan of V6~~

This journal is full with my random+fandom life... No fics in here anymore. So, please understand that you won't find even a single paragraph of fanfiction here. 

Only add me if you want to be my friend, or else, you will regret it! And let me know if you want me to add you back!

Don't worry, I'm welcoming every single person who come this journal -either it by the irony of fate or not- with open arms~ Don't be shy to talk to me, cause I don't eat human.. I only bite them.. As the sign
of love!

Well, that's it! Thank you for coming to my normal+boring journal!
16 March 2010 @ 07:16 am
Super Junior + You
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